Artist, Kate Genever, and Ruskin-in-Sheffield Producer, Ruth Nutter, led a group of young carers around Sheffield to capture hidden views of Sheffield, meeting people making their livelihoods from craftsmanship en route.  We started with an Ruskin Collection at the Millennium Gallery, and Ruskin's philosophy of drawing in order to 'see' the world more clearly.  After a visit to the inspiring John Ruskin Prize exhibition, 'Recording Britain Now', to see how a range of amateur and professional artists had drawn Britain now, and a warm-up drawing session in the Gallery's activity room, we headed off on a rooftop  trail of Sheffield.


Drawing sessions on the rooftops of Yorkshire Artspace's Persistence Works and Portland Works were interspersed with brief encounters with artists and makers telling us about their art and their trades, giving us more of a sense of the places we were drawing from.


By the end of the day, everyone had produced a string of drawings from tiny insects to sweeping vistas along their own folding-out sketchbook - a fantastic achievement on a blustery day!


All the young people who attended were members of Sheffield Young Carers, a local charity offering individual and group support to children and young people aged 8-21 who provide care for family members who have a physical or mental illness, a disability, and /or substance misuse issues. A brilliant day was had by all and the time and space to draw and reflect, along with fresh air and time with friends, gave the young carers some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. It also reminded them that art can be a great way to relax when things are feeling stressful at home.

RDW Louise St Marks LS RDW JR Prize RDW YAS artist talks LS RDW PW close up of drawing LS RDW PW talking to Stuard M LS RDW PW rooftop dark drawing LS

Introducing the Ruskin Collection

Getting inspiration from

'Recording Britain Now'

Ruskin Prize exhibition

Listening to an artist at Persistence Works

Unravelling the sketchbook

Drawing-in-progress from the rooftop of

Portland Works

Chatting to the knife-maker at Portland Works

Sketching from the rooftop at Portland Works


21st August 2014

Millennium Gallery - Persistence Works - Portland Works

RDW showing drawings LS RDW insect